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ESEA Tournament Highly Intensive Cheat Checks

The CS GO online tournament for ESEA was underway today. ESEA has been facing some issues though, as the software that they install onto your computer is quite intrusive and can be quite invasive into users privacy. It extensively checks for many different factors which can show if the user is using external assistance to boost there own effectiveness ingame. These checks will check processes running, files and more, and will sometimes even look through users emails, which is a deep invasion of privacy.

Users have been complaining about these checks, however ESEA responded with “To keep our game safe, and cheaters our we must use these invasive measures, it is to protect users playing the game”. Many users still were seen to be complaining in various forums, and some people even started an online petition to get rid of these extensive checks.

The tournament taking place last night had some big names attending such as Krimz, and JWonderchild. A big 1v1 took place between the Fnatic pros, and it came out with Krimz winning the pistol match, and also taking the rifle round, however JW took both the SMG round and the AWP round, which is expected since JW is the main awper for the team.

Since seeing players such as KQLY banned and others such as Emilio taking a fall, ESEA has vowed to upgrade their future systems to make any detections on cs go hacks vary rapidly. Users should be careful when cheating and make sure that they are using only the best private undetected cheats, otherwise they could also be facing the same future as KQLY which will be a very hard VAC ban on their account.

The ESL ESEA major is expected to be taking place later on in the year closer to Christmas, nevertheless players are going to be gaming all throughout the holidays, and will be unlikely to see any kind of break for them.

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The Asus G751JY

One of a brand new breed of gaming notebooks, Asus‘ G751JY does not just roll off the tongue – but its Gsync display that is compatible definitely gives a huge talking point to it. Itis a critical development for gaming laptops, using the display giving players the flexibility to target a frame rate, and have it dynamically fit from the panel’s refresh (in this particular case up to 75Hz). Gigabyte and mSI are also set to add Gsync panels within their particular top end gaming notebooks. But at a minimal cost of to GBP2,000 and close GBP1,500, in this construct, just how great is the Asus for high end gameplay?

To begin with, let us talk what you get for the purchase price. It is not gaudy, as can be the case with many ‘elite gaming’ products; colour backlit computer keyboard and its reddish rear ports are the only extravagances that are real here.

Prising it open, a 17.3-inch IPS display is shown. The panel continues to be an extremely powerful, energetic performer inside while its maximum brightness is somewhat wanting in broad day. In a resolution of 1920×1080, we’ve got a pixel count that is nicely judged because of its intended goal also, aligned nicely using the onboard GPU.

A strong performer next to desktop computer-standard components, Asus’ notebook comes in a number of settings. In a significant GBP2000 price tag, you’d anticipate everything plus the garden as well as the specs do not disappoint.

Before this week as analyzed, a total-fat GTX 980 is shortly to be a fixture for the complete high end in the gaming laptop space. But, the Asus G751JY gets by with all the present GTX 980M, employing a similar, but cut-down 28nm central processing unit. When compared with the first version, the ‘M’ form drops the center clocks from 1126MHz to 1038MHz, while 25 per cent cuts CUDA cores – from 2048 to 1536. Memory can also be left at 5GHz successful we see on the desktop computer GTX 980. Itis GPU that is powerful but as is always the case with gaming-level notebooks, the onus is to ensure it is given adequate airflow by its chassis.

The good thing is, the heat of the notebook is extremely nicely handled – and without resorting to fan speeds that are overbearing. Itis a great turnout to get a a GPU that is discrete, and unexpectedly, fan sound is faintly perceptible while playing only at that summit load that is processing. Between 90, all four cores hit on the CPU front -94 degrees Celsius during this evaluation, but the unit runs astonishingly quiet. It is easily one of the most distinct gaming notebooks we’ve reviewed when it comes to acoustic guitars.

The battery life of the Asus G751JY is a little moot point. Really, the incorporated 6000MaH battery just services a game of Battlefield 4 for approximately one hour (at 50 per cent display brightness and volume) before electricity amounts reach the reddish. GPU and cPU clocks are automatically restrained to speeds that are lower only at that point also, meaning framerates suffer in games running only off the battery. It is just meant as a really last resort, and luckily, the notebook gives a few hours of picture playback and internet browsing on the go – with two hours needed to completely recharge.

All of which leads us back to its actual bash trick; that Gsync panel. Essentially, its use in a notebook is a little disclosure on hardware frequently limit by its own specs. Generally, having a computer screen is a bane and also a boon; players need to hit this target, or face stuttering operation if the framerate drop bashful. Yet, with Gsync compatibility, we’ve got more choices to reach unstable that is perceptibly gameplay – of whether it reaches at 75fps or not.

The refresh of the Asus display only adapts on the fly to adapt, giving us a whole frame when it is able to leave – whether that frame arrived within the exact same timeframe as the last.

The outcomes are exceptional, plus it makes an impact inside the space that is notebook. Given the G751JY can not hold a totally locked 75fps at completely maxed settings in Battlefield 4 (mainly owing to the use of MSAA), it gives us an alternative besides having to lose settings. Yet, with Gsync the variability in frame-time is not too large for this to really deflect.

Crysis 3 is a case that is very different however. Dropping to the high images preset just pulls us up to 45-60fps, which will be still not past the brink where Gsync is ideal. Luckily, the remedy really is easy.

Locking the frame rate to some fixed amount keeps movement consistent in these high-pressure games. That is readily reached with Riva Tuner Statistic Server, a totally free software bundled with MSI Afterburner, away we go and where we just type the value we need. In case of Crysis 3, running in a fast 45fps makes sense; it is the best stage in its operation profile, and consequently we can sidestep any changes down or upward – and take away the jarring movement which goes along with that.

If not for Gsync, this would not be possible. On a standard 60Hz computer screen, repairing the frame rate to 45fps with v-sync would give us quite irregular frame-pacing – but of course here, the Asus’ display apparently becomes a 45Hz panel for the term of play. By having this choice, we are given much more room to test than before; shoving into a 50fps lock gets us a smoother encounter, but needless to say, this is inclined to hitches down – though that is no problem in the event that you are met with the high preset of Crysis 3. Nevertheless, for those striving out settings to the G751JY, 45fps is the sweet spot with this game.

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Facebook drones – The future of Wi-Fi

Facebook does not required any introduction, at least after they reached to 1 billion users, it confirmed that every single user who use internet is registered on Facebook. Since its launch, Facebook has shocked the world many time. First of all, let me tell you that Facebook or social networking was not a new concept in internet industry. There were number of popular website exist before Facebook was launched. But, the way Facebook plan to introduce their services was enough “cool” make everyone love with Facebook. In start Facebook was only limited to 1 university, then few schools, colleges and universities and it was important for you to have an invitation to join Facebook. But once its go international, there was no more invitation required.

Since past we years, Facebook has introduced many features including providing platform to business owners to use Facebook as a marketing tool. According to latest studies, Facebook has provide a great place for small business owners who turn their business into brand. There are many examples for that, from a lunch box business to food delivery services.

So, why I am talking about Facebook’s feature and how does its relevant with Wi-Fi? Facebook is working to make internet free worldwide, to make this dream come true! They has launched internet.org in many countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. But due to restriction there are very few websites which can be access for free through internet.org. So, Facebook come with totally new idea called “Facebook Wi-Fi drones” “Facebook planes” and “Facebook Ascenta”.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi drones?

In simple words, Facebook drones will provide free access of internet to specific area through Wi-Fi technology. In first quarter of 2014, Facebook signed contract with a popular drone maker company Ascenta to design and develop, totally new type of drones which can be charged through solar power and stay in air for months and years. These drones will be actually works like Wi-Fi devices to provide free internet to those areas where there is still no access of internet available. But this is the plan of early stage, in future Facebook want to spread these Wi-Fi drones to each part of world to provide internet free of cost all around the world or internet with very few cost with high speed. High speed internet can also be hacked into using how to hack wifi password to obtain very fast global internet speeds.

Facebook has already test one of their drone in American sky in 2015 and it went successful. According to Facebook engineering directory these are not “drones” he said it would be better if you call it “Wi-Fi planes” because as compare to drones size, these planes are very big just like aircraft 747 but much light in weight which will allow them to stay at a specific area for years at a time.

Indeed Facebook Wi-Fi drones or Wi-Fi planes is future of Wi-Fi technology which will change the whole way of connecting internet very soon. But the project is still in its testing stage and we hope that in upcoming years we will see Wi-Fi flying over the sky to provide us access of free internet.

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Black Ops 3 Animes Amaze Players

Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest franchises in the gaming history. Created in 2003, it has respawned itself into several follow-up games, the latest being introduced very soon by Treyarch and Activision- Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Following up on its predecessor, Black Ops III is set in the dystopian future of 2065, forty years after the events of Black Ops II. In this world, military tactics have become so evolved that soldiers are claimed to be more machine than flesh. Science and technology has drastically overpowered the human race, changing the landscape as well as the future of all humanity. Robotics plays a big role in this version of CoD and there are speculations of a robotic takeover. You are armed with your men, as per usual, only this time with a greater set of skills deemed to name you ‘supersoldier’. Because military technology has become too advanced for air assault, most of the game will follow covert operative fighting.

There are two zombie storylines that you will be able to follow as first-person player. The first, Shadows of Evil, turns the focus on a new group of characters, voiced by well-known actors. The four residents of the new, fictionalMorg City – Nero (Jeff Goldblum), Jessica, (Heather Graham), Jack (Neal McDonough) and Floyd (Ron Perlman) – all share the same form of a troubled past. They are all thrown into azombified version of the city and are guided by a mysterious figure called Shadow Man in order to help them through their journey of chaos. This story ties into the main zombie storylines of Black Ops II.

The second storyline, The Giant, shifts its focus on alternate versions of the original characters – Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Edward – and this picks up where their story left off in Black Ops II as Origins.


The regular campaign, multiplayer and zombie mode in Black Ops 3 hacks have been overhauled. In this game players can create a 4-player cooperative gameplay, customize their soldiers with selective genders, as well as an open arena that allows players to complete levels on multiple ways. A new movement system called “Specialists” has been designed to use in multiplayer mode. Here players can choose form 9 different soldiers with different abilities, it features a new “Gunsmith” feature allowing for weapon customization combos and it includes a “Camo Designer”.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III and its Deluxe Edition are available for pre-order on PC, XBOX One and PS4 on the CoD website: www.callofduty.com. By pre-ordering the game you will get access to free content such as the multiplayer Beta version and in-game items for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

For those who would rather prefer to wait, the full game will be released on 6 November 2015.